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Inscrit(e) le: 01/18/22
Posté le 01/18/22 10:09  
Using our model and the most recent set of data2

Using our model and the most Mut 22 coins recent set of data2 that was published through the Madden website, we discovered certain players in which Madden and a model-based approach seem to be at odds as well as the results are intriguing.

Injecting human judgment into a system of grading isn't always a bad thing. Daniel Sorensen is a good illustration. He's had a disastrous season for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Sorensen is a major factor in their defense's surrender of 69.5 points in excess of what was expected this season, which ranks 31st in the league. The performance of Sorensen has earned him a coverage grade at 42.2 from 100 from Pro Football Focus and an overall score of 35.5. Yet, despite his struggles Sorensen appears to be fast! Based on his speed on the field as determined by player tracker data, we'd expect to see a speed score purely based on model for Sorensen of 89 or so, about 7 points higher than Madden's week 9 grade of 82. Perhaps the folks at EA aren't keen to provide a player not performing as well as Sorensen with a high mark in a crucial area like speed score, as it has such an outsized impact on the game. And If that's the case, it's hard to fault the EA team.

Other notable outliers include Chiefs Wide Madden nfl 22 coins receiver Tyreek Hill, who has the fastest speed score in all of Madden at 99. Hill is certainly fast, and perhaps we're not arguing here however his max career speed of 22.8 mph puts him only fourth place on the list since 2017.3 Furthermore, his current weekly average speed of 22.8 mph is quite respectable, but doesn't even crack his 50th place in the league.

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