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Your Number One stop for great footwear deals
"Although underlays indulge in white leather construction, their accompanying suede panels boast light pink and grey hues. Layered lace guards, profile swooshes and heel overlays all indulge in both eye-catching and understated tones, with the former two areas sporting a loud citrus shade. Lining on the tongue and collar feature a burgundy-reminiscent color that also takes over branding on the tongue and heel. nike schuhe, additional midsole tooling contrast the off-white, exaggerated sole unit with its faint rose and neon green color scheme.
< /br >< /br >
For this pair, each side contains what appear to be mesh-constructed uppers that feature tonal black stripes running from toe-to-heel, but each foot alternates between red midsoles/heels on the left and blue midsoles/heels on the right. Various branded hits are also incorporated onto these hoops-ready kicks including the adidas schuhe that rest along the lateral mid-foot molds, a tonal “7” tab at the bottom of the throat”, an adidas logo layered over the laces, and the word “DAME” spelled out in Street Fighter-like, oversized font on the treading. You can view a closer look here, and find these likely dropping on adidas.com in the coming months.
< /br >< /br >
After first visions about a month ago, these tough ashshoelink.com Boots are just about ready to release. Timed perfectly for inclement conditions north of the equator, and perfect for the GORE-flexing masochists from the bottom half, these up-specced AF-1s are almost literal tanks.Up top, Nike have used thicker leather to keep feet warm and shielded from the elements. The usual toe box perforations are plugged up to keep water out. If water somehow manages to penetrate the surface, the GORE-TEX membrane hiding underneath stops the seeping dead in its tracks. The GORE-TEX also allows sweat vapour to pass out, stopping any clammy conditions inside.
< /br >< /br >
Other components are toughened up too. The ankle strap is beefier with rubberised hardware, and the pull tab is extra wide for sure grip. But the piece de resistance is that boot-like outsole! It’s wrapped around the usual go there midsole, creating a faux-welt for extra water resistance, while the tread is enlarged like its Duckboot predecessor. Throw in some XL AIR branding and GORE-TEX embroidery, and this is a sneaker that’s tough to… boot!


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